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III-1V-V. Three woodcuts by Kim Lim. Exhibition Matthew Tyson inking a dry-point etching plate by David Rabinowitch

Ka! Editions is a subsidiary of imprints. It was created in 1990 to produce and publish artists’ prints and portfolios. The first publication of Ka! Editions was: Superimposed Elements : Parallelogram by John Carter RA, a suite of woodcuts in a paper folder.

Works are principally relief prints and etchings, although other more esoteric techniques have been employed where appropriate.

Subsequent editions have included print works by Frank Badur, David Rabinowitch, Heiner Thiel, Kim Lim, Francois Morellet and Gottfried Honegger.

Ka! Editions are represented many major, private and public, collections around the world.

There have been a number of exhibitions of Ka! Publications and this work is regularly shown at art fairs in both Europe and the USA.

Imprints stand at the London Original Print Fair. The Royal Academ