imprints was established by Matthew and Hannah Tyson, in 1984, for the promotion and publication of artists books and had a gallery: imprints London, in Bethnal Green. Hannah Tyson left to pursue a career in creative business management. Isabella Oulton joined from, The Flowers Gallery, in 1991. The same year imprints moved from London to Piégros La Clastre in south-eastern France. In 2014 imprints moved to its current address in the nearby town of Crest in the Drôme, where they have an exhibition space and print studio.

Initially known for its artists’ book publications, the first imprints publication was a livre d’artiste entitled “Ode” in 1986, imprints began to publish prints, under the name KA! Editions from 1990 until 2015. Ka! Editions celebrated 25 years of existence with a retrospective exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Reutlingen in 2015. imprints continues publishing works under the imprints name.